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The Brady Lunch

6 October 2007

Some goodies from the garden. Technically, it’s not my garden, but since I select the plants, plant ’em, nurture ’em and harvest ’em (all for someone else), I refer to it as mine.

I goofed off too long. I wanted to catch the colors in the pepper as they were turning from green to streaky red. Alas, procrastination, as usual, is my downfall.

The countertop is 1970 all the way. Same color as the Bradys’ kitchen counters.


Alice is getting ready to make a salad.

Here’s another shot of ’em that’s not quite so nasty on the eyes:


The colors look better on the cutting board.

Hmm… this ‘posting’ doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I imagined it would be. Let’s see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Update: Apparently, “Brady Bunch” is Cockney rhyming slang for “lunch.” You find some strange things when you Clusty your posts’ titles.

So does that make the title a pun, or redundant, or what?