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28 September 2008

Or what passes for one in these parts: mostly a big bag o’ wet. Kyle passed offshore this afternoon, throwing a bunch of rain to all sides.

Looking at the boiling water at the base of the light, it’s not difficult to imagine how the bark Annie C. Maguire got smashed against that big chunk of ledge at the right, on the night of Christmas Eve, 1886 (as usual, click the pix to embiggen):

Portland Head Light, hurricane Kyle

Portland Head Light, Hurricane Kyle: quite a difference from five days ago

From this angle, I couldn’t keep the lens dry, no matter how much I wiped it. It was better from the east, with the wind behind me:

Portland Head Light, Hurricane Kyle

With the wind at my back

I gave up after a while, fearing for the electronics in the camera, and decided to go for a short hike. By the time I got home, my Gore-Tex lined boots were holding the water in, and I was soaked to my skin. It was lots of fun. Even at my age, I enjoy being outdoors in adverse conditions.

One Afternoon at the Shore

25 September 2008

I don’t usually shoot late in the day; dawn is more my style. But lately I’ve been sleeping till seven o’clock or so, and missing the morning light. These were taken a couple of days ago at Portland Head in Cape Elizabeth, late in the afternoon.

Portland Head Light and Ram Island Ledge Light

Portland Head Light and Ram Island Ledge Light

Portland Head Light, up close and personal

Portland Head Light, up close and personal

Portland Head Light, from the East

Portland Head Light, from the East

One of the things I don’t like about shooting later in the day is that it’s hard to keep people out of the frame. They lead the eye right to themselves and distract from the other elements of the picture. Early mornings are much less crowded.

I guess I gotta get off my lazy rear end and start getting up at a decent hour again.

Portland Head Light

4 January 2007

Two days late. I’ve been having trouble getting the right image uploaded and recognized. That’s Ram Island Ledge Light in the background.

Portland Head Light

No snow. No ice. Is this really January in Maine?

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