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Happy Birthday to Me

18 October 2009

Big changes in my life since my last post.

The elderly couple whose properties I had been maintaining both died, and one of the properties was sold, leaving me with not much to feel productive about. I had promised myself that after they were gone so was I, and it seems to be working out that way. Forty years of Maine winters is an awful lot.


A cold day in heck.

So here I am on my birthday, in a putatively warmer clime, hunting for a house. It’s kind of cool today, I don’t think the temperature broke 70; but it was in the 90s all last week and it’s supposed to warm back up to the upper 80s again later this week. Beats the 30s and snow they’re having today back in Maine.

I stumbled across a small state park this afternoon. Not much there, but it supplied a respite from people and buildings for a little while. Worth the three dollar entrance fee: finally learning how to identify the three different kinds of mangrove that grow around here. I also ran across these little guys:


A bunch of tiny crabs at the water’s edge at Don Pedro Island State Park.

This one was crossing the path in front of me as I headed back to the car:


“You’ll never get the secret recipe outta me!”

I paid for that shot. After crawling around on all fours, sticking my macro lens in the claw of this arthropod, I found I couldn’t straighten up. I had to make my way back to the car crabwise. My back is still in spasm. Still, it was worth it.

Oldie But Goodie

11 November 2008

This one is almost six years old, but it’s still one of my favorites. Mainly because I like to retreat there (in my mind, anyway) when the weather around here starts turning wintry. As I write this, it’s about 30 degrees warmer there than the 39 degrees here in Portland.

Crystal River, Florida, in the morning

Crystal River, Florida, in the morning

The image is of a small tributary of the Crystal River in Florida, taken early in the morning. It almost looks as if people don’t exist there.

Nothin’ Goin’ On

29 September 2007

Busy geeking. Here’s an old one to hold you over for awhile:


Everglades Sunset

Moon Over Miami

27 March 2007

A blast from the past. I just came across this one as I was searching for something else in my archives. Shot at dawn from Miami Beach, looking west, towards Miami. I used a long lens to compress the perspective. This is a slide that I later scanned into the computer.