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Comment Confusion

8 June 2007

And the confusion is all mine.

Bringing my main computer back up last night after a couple of days of being offline for maintenance, I was faced with almost 500 comments flagged by Akismet as spam. Being the conscientious administrator that I am, I waded through every one of those comments to make sure none of them had been unfairly flagged.

Unfortunately, I was tired; so at the end of the process, instead of hitting the “de-spam marked comments” button, I hit the “delete all comments” button.

My apologies if I deleted a real comment. In particular, I’m thinking of a pair of comments about the Saco River that I wanted to take a closer look at before I stupidly deleted them. If you haven’t given up in disgust, please try again. Comments on this blog are rare enough that I can ill afford to lose any.

Blogging Break

3 May 2007

For the regulars here (both of you), I’ll be on the road tomorrow morning. I’m not sure of what my internet access will be like, so I may not be posting again until Tuesday.

Okay, so that’s no different from my usual posting habits. Except this time I’m actually letting you know in advance.


23 January 2007

The post “Old Goldenrod” has been edited and is now “Old Aster” to reflect the fact that I wasn’t paying very close attention when I shot the image and made the original post. Any wildflower experts out there who can tell me if that is, indeed, New York aster?

New Stuff

19 January 2007

I finally got around to playing with the sidebar widgets. I ended up adding the calendar and rearranging the categories so they make more sense (to me, anyway). I put in but then took out the hit counter, because it showed just how pathetic this blog really is.

I dunno if the search widget is really useful. Any comments on that are welcome.