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Chrome Memories

30 April 2009

The other day, I was driving through Windham, trying to find a boat ramp (I never did find it), when I drove past this beauty on route 302:


1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

I drove on for about a half mile and then made a U-turn. It was just what I thought it was.


1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

If the captions haven’t tipped you off, it’s a 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan.


1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

Aside from a few cosmetic differences, this is the car my father bought new in 1956. Same colors. Same chrome trim. Aaaaagh! The chrome!


The chrome! It burns!

Even as an eleven-year-old, I had large amounts of patience and OCD. But the chrome polish was handed to me, and this grille was a killer. There was a lot of it, and the back edges were sharp. And it sucked even more in cold weather, when my hands hurt anyway.


1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

Still, if I hadn’t just blown my life savings on a new truck, I would’ve been sorely tempted to buy this one-owner sweetie. Chrome killer-grille and all.

Hey, I never said I was rational. OK, maybe I did, but I lied.