The Difference of a Week

Different weather. Different light. Peak foliage. A tripod.

I wasn’t satisfied with the stuff I got last week on Pleasant Mountain, so I tried it again yesterday. (I’m not satisfied with the stuff I got yesterday, either, but for different reasons.)

There was a dad-gummed hiking tour convened at the top when I got up there. Twenty or so self-congratulatory Sierra Club types who sounded like a flock of starlings. I didn’t realize how loud they were until they left and it got quiet. I don’t understand why anyone would do something like that in a group. I go for the solitude and silence. And the pictures, too, but mostly for that other stuff.

I did manage to keep the crowds out of the images; although I had to edit out a couple of apple cores, left behind by some pig, that I didn’t notice for several frames.

On the way up:

American Beech leaf in Autumn

American Beech (fagus grandifolia)

At the top:

Mount Washington, Kezar Pond from Pleasant Mountain

Looking northwest towards the White Mountains. Kezar (kee’ zer) Pond is at right, Mount Washington is just to the left of center at the top. If you embiggen and look closely, you can see both Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines.

Mount Washington and Kezar Pond from Pleasant Mountain

Another perspective

It took me three hours to get down, because I kept stopping to take pictures.

Moose Pond, Denmark, Maine

Looking southwest, over Moose Pond towards the town of Denmark

Moose Pond, Denmark, Maine

Southwest view, again

Moose Pond, Denmark, Maine

More of the same

Red Maple leaf, backlit by sun

Red maple (acer rubrum) leaf, backlit by the sun

Autumn maples

Some local color

If I’m gonna do any more fall foliage this year, I’ll have to hustle. It’ll all be gone by next weekend. Well, the bright maples and birches and stuff; after that comes the quiet umbers, siennas and ochers of the oaks and other late-fall foliage. But the stuff most people think of as “New England Autumn” will be past.


8 Responses to “The Difference of a Week”

  1. Lemur King Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Wish you could have seen the sights around here. Big winds, lots of gold, red, and orange leaves just streaming out of the trees. We are all driving down 23 at about 75mph and it looked like colored snow. It was so even and there were so many it seriously looked like this technicolor snow.

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    I wish I could’ve seen it, too. The bad thing about colored leaves falling like snow is that they’re gone from the trees all too soon. But the effect must’ve been stunning.

    I’m going nuts here. As an official lazy person and slow mover, I’m having a hard time dealing with the need to get out and take pictures now. I haven’t even had a chance to edit yesterday’s batch, and I have to take some more. The sugar maples are coming into their own along the coast right now, and they’re not gonna wait for me.

  3. bronxblog2 Says:

    Gor-GEE-us!!! Makes me pine for Maine…..miss the ol’ GEEZER pond, too.

  4. S. Weasel Says:

    I’ve never understood people who need to go in the woods and be loud. You’re in the woods. Shutup and listen, for cripe’s sake.

    Not counting children, who apparently feel the need to be loud all the time.

  5. lizardbrain Says:

    In their defense, I don’t believe they intended to be loud; it seemed to me more the result of the “crowd effect,” where everyone speaks up just a little to be heard over the crowd noise and it all ends up in a roar.

    That said, I didn’t hear anything that couldn’t have waited another couple of hours until they were back in their cars.

    Plus, they smelled. Ain’t a one of them gonna sneak up on anything in the woods until they break their addiction to fabric softener.

  6. iamfelix Says:

    Beautiful. Fall’s my favorite time of the year, and those colors are a big part of it.

  7. lizardbrain Says:


    Fall would be my favorite time of year, too, if it weren’t followed by winter. :)

  8. lizardbrain Says:

    Oh, and thanks, too, for the link. A low-traffic place like this, I get flustered and forget my manners when people drop by.

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