If I Keep Going Back to the Well…

I may eventually get water. Spring Point Light in South Portland is one of my old standbys. Last Saturday, I drove out there again, to see what I could capture at sunset. Someday I may get an image that I like; in the meantime, I’ll just keep posting what I’ve got.

I present, for your viewing enjoyment, the Horribly Clichéd Shot of the Gaff-Rigged Cutter Through the Gun Port at Fort Preble:

Sort-of-warmish-colored sails in the sunset

Sort-of-warmish-colored sails in the sunset

A while back, I wrote a tutorial on batch resizing of digital images with Irfanview. It was a thing of beauty: very long, with screencaps and everything. Luckily, the medium prevented me from drawing circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one. To my surprise, it has become my most popular post by an extremely large margin.

I’ve cursed the lack of a program like Irfanview for Linux; I’ve been doing resizes of individual images only, using either the GIMP or GThumb. I must be slower than most. The other day I went back to Imagemagick and actually read some of the documentation. Some of you know from a previous post that Imagemagick is a command-line only tool. That means no fancy GUI, no mouse, no point-n-click. Just text commands.

One thing about the Irfanview tutorial that gave me pause was that it was a pretty complicated procedure, with many opportunities for the unwary to make mistakes. Here’s how I resize multiple images simultaneously with Imagemagick:

mkdir 1024×0768
mogrify -path 1024×0768 -resize 1024×0768 *.jpg



4 Responses to “If I Keep Going Back to the Well…”

  1. Blue Rock Says:

    Nice blend – great picture view & texture mix – & 2 geek posts that some of us non techies could hang with for most of the way – thanks.
    Good to have you back, LB

  2. bronxblog2 Says:

    Loverly! Makes me wanna go there.

  3. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    Why, there you are! When you come back, you really do!

    Nice to see ya!

  4. lizardbrain Says:

    Hey, Joan! Nice to see you, too.

    I thought that I was pretty well hidden, with only my eyes above the lily pads.

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