Companion to the Birth of Spam

If it wasn’t for Stoaty, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. Her weekend post about Spam’s 30th birthday sent me to my bookcase to retrieve an old geek book:

Old DEC manual

Almost 40-year-old DEC manual

Old DEC manual 2

Almost 40-year-old DEC manual, side view

That’s it. Nothing to say. Just some geek reminiscences.

2 Responses to “Companion to the Birth of Spam”

  1. S. Weasel Says:

    This morning, I threw away my “Welcome to Compuserve” package (circa 1986) and my “Welcome to Portal” package (1987). I did actually do a quick check on eBay to see if anybody valued such things.

    There were some old C$erve manuals for sale, but I didn’t see anybody buying.

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    Did you shed a tear? Did skin come off your fingers when the packages were ripped from your loving hands?

    I still have old stuff stashed in various places around the U.S. Especially printed material; that seems to be the hardest to let go. It’s also the heaviest to lug around.

    Hats off to ya, for your ruthlessness.

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