This Is What’s Been Happening

Winter. In all its ugly, homicidal dreariness. It’s been a long, snowy one here, and every year my ability to cope with it diminishes.

Across the street, for the last two weeks, they’ve been working at clearing the snow off the new plastic athletic field. The huge price tag on it was justified by the claim that it would be used almost non-stop by various groups; now the crews are out desperately trying to make the field live up to the hype.

snow blowing memorial field

Snow removal on Memorial Field

Less than half the field cleared in almost 2 weeks. If we luck into some really warm weather, it might be ready for use sometime in April.

snow removal from ground level

Snow removal as seen from ground level

Thanx for asking, Joan. You may see me next month as I roll by on my way to the Gulf. I need to thaw out before next winter strikes, around the middle of August.


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