Happy New Year!

Ok, I got lazy this morning and asked other people to choose which images from this morning’s shoot I should post. Here they are, with a minimum of comment, because another storm is moving in and I gotta finish my errands before the snow flies.

Fort Allen Park at Dawn 002

Fort Allen Park at Dawn

Fort Allen Park at Dawn 003


Fort Allen Park at Dawn 007


Fort Gorges and Lobster Boat on Casco Bay 017

Fort Gorges and Lobster Boat on Casco Bay

Fort Allen Park at Dawn 019

Fort Allen Park

Fort Allen Park at Dawn 020


Ooo! The colors!

I’m also too lazy to narrow it down to a reasonable amount, so y’all got a bonus today. Try not to remember all the days I didn’t post images.

15 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. :-D Says:


    What a WONDERFUL way to start the new year!!!! Thank you for these.

  2. nbpundit Says:

    That makes me want to put on my fur lined long johns, with insulated
    coveralls, insulated wet proof boots, a mile long neck scarf, winter hat
    and mittens…run outside and mess up yer virgin snow. Heh
    Great photos.

  3. lizardbrain Says:

    Thanx. I enjoy taking pictures and I like it when other people enjoy them, too.

    Your description of how to dress for the weather here is not too far off the mark. Expedition-weight polyester fleece long johns are a must, as are Gore-Tex boots. In cold weather, being wet can equal being dead. Or at least losing digits.

    But you can just sit down there in Texas and enjoy pictures of cold without feeling it. :)

    (Actually, it was kinda warm: temps in the mid 20s.)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    I just like stopping by these woods on a snowy evening…

    These pictures delight me every time I drop by here to see if you’re alive.


  5. lizardbrain Says:

    Thanx, Joan. Now I’m gonna have to get out and find some more delight, just to please you.

    And it’s hard to tell if I’m alive by dropping by here. This post is almost 2 weeks old already, and I haven’t added anything new.

  6. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    And it’s hard to tell if I’m alive by dropping by here.

    Restate the obvious! However, my comment had the desired effect and outcome.


  7. lizardbrain Says:

    Manipulated again! You Gyno-Americans are too wily for me.

  8. Fort Allen Park at Dawn « Innocent Bystanders Says:

    […] Fort Allen Park at Dawn January 20, 2008 Posted by Michael in History. trackback More great photos like this at Lizard Brain. […]

  9. cranky Says:

    Really like the third one, although they’re all great. Regarding the cold, I was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, New York in the early 80s, on the shores of balmy Lake Champlain. When the mucus in my nose didn’t freeze that meant it was pretty warm, in other words it was warmer than minus 10. Stay dry.

  10. lizardbrain Says:

    Back around 1970 or so, I had a friend who regularly commuted between Portland and Plattsburgh to see his girlfriend who went to school there. I was new to Maine at the time, and was still having difficulty adjusting to what I thought was the extreme cold here. His tales of the weather in upstate New York convinced me that I never wanted to go there, at least in winter.

    My personal thermometer is calibrated slightly differently than yours. When I inhale and my snot freezes, I know it’s 5 below or colder.

    And, yeah, I’m kinda partial to number three, myself; although I also like the smooth golden look of number four, too. Most of the clicks to enlarge are number three. Glad you like ’em.

  11. john of personal training Austin Says:

    Wonderful pictures. The last time I witnessed morning color like that was while fishing in Barataria Bay in Lousiana

  12. lizardbrain Says:

    Thanx for visiting, john. I’ve never been to Louisiana, but it’s on my list of places I’d like to photograph. It’s warm. And has lots of swamps.

  13. joanofargghh Says:

    It’s still nice and warm here. How’s with you?


  14. Monkey Fist Says:

    hey there, just wanted to let you know I put a link to your blog in my own blog, CascoBayBoaters.com. Love the photos, and would enjoy having your permission to link to them, or include them (fully credited of course) in the site.

    Are you also a boater? If so, would you be interested in joining and/or contributing to our site? maybe you could be the curmudgeon on the hill that sends obscene semi fore signals to approaching cruise ships

  15. lizardbrain Says:

    Monkey Fist:

    Thanx for stopping by. Glad you like the pix; as long as you credit, feel free to link or include.

    I used to crew on J-24s many years ago. I haven’t been out on the water in a long time, tho. I miss it. Not the racing, that was too crazy; but time spent on the water usually produces serenity.

    I dunno about contributing. After a weather-related mishap a while back, my access to the internets has been sorely diminished, and I’m still surfing by candlelight, so to speak. But I could always sneak up to the top of the Observatory to scandalize the tourists as you suggest. Does anyone still remember semaphore?

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