I’ve been reluctant to ditch Quickbooks Pro because, outside of full-blown accounting/bookkeeping programs, there are no open-source equivalents that allow me to track my time. But I finally figured out that, since I don’t have to worry about payroll, I can make the switch to GnuCash and just enter my hours as invoice items.

Not that I’m completely comfortable with that, mind you; my obsessive-compulsive record-keeping implant is screaming at me that something is missing if I do it this way. I’m the guy who can’t discard 16 year old phone bills because, well, you never know when you might need ’em.

So today I sent out my last Quickbooks-generated invoice.

That means that, as of today, I am officially Windoze-free!

I started my move away from Windoze when I turned the old computer into a dual-boot machine and then found that I was seldom booting to the Windoze side because the Linux side never crashed and didn’t require hours of labor every week just to keep it from being infected with malware. Lately, I’ve only been firing up Old 98 about once a month, just to do my books. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve managed to find applications to replace every program I needed the Windoze box for. Quickbooks was the last one.

Not that I’ll get rid of the faithful, if flawed, computer I built in December of 1998. It’s only 9 years old, and even though every component in it is obsolete and it’s kind of noisy, it still runs every time I power it up.

And it’s sitting there. Silently waiting for me to press the “Power” button. How can I just ditch it, when we have so much history together?

Besides, I might need it. You never know.


6 Responses to “¡Libertad!”

  1. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    ¡Prospero Año Nuevo! to you and yours, Lizard!

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    Gracias, Joanie. And a happy and healthy one to you and yours.

  3. Lex Says:

    So how has Gnucash been for you, a year later?

  4. Lex Says:

    I meant, “So how has Gnucash been for you, HALF a year later?”

  5. lizardbrain Says:


    I had to learn more than I ever wanted to about bookkeeping and accounting theory. Once I did, though, it’s been ok. But just ok. I’d still rather have the braindead ease of Quickbooks Pro, but the fine folks at Intuit aren’t interested in porting their products to Linux, and I won’t use Windoze, so I’m sorta stuck with it.

    Well, except for right now. A lightning strike took out a bunch of my electronics last month. Including my main computer. Until I get it rebuilt, I’m left limping along on the internets with my old Thinkpad, and I have to fire up Old 98 once a month to access Quickbooks.

  6. Old 98 Says:

    Well, well, well…

    Look who’s come crawling back.

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