Day of the Triffids

I just spent a week surrounded by cows ‘n corn and not much else. After the first 3 days, I more or less got over my internet withdrawals. The lack of people helped a lot. This is what it looked like first thing in the morning:

Morning mountain mist

If you look closely, you can make out the house over the hill about a half mile away.

This is the view in the other direction (no houses there):

Morning river mist

There’s a river in front of the mountain, just beyond those elms in the middle of the picture. While I was tramping around near the river the next day, this alien-looking plant was pointed out to me by my brother-in-law:


It was six feet tall and looked like something out of a John Wyndham novel. My book of wildflowers of the Northeast failed me, but after much googling (clustying, actually, since Google is evil) I found that this plant really is alien. According to the National Invasive Species Information Center the Common Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum L.) was accidentally introduced to the U.S. in the 1700s.

Seems a long time to hold a grudge, but there you have it. Apparently, these plants never bothered to wait in line to become legal immigrants, instead secreting themselves amongst legal seeds. I, for one, have no problem uprooting such invaders, as long as they can’t blind me.

I have more pix from the trip. I’ll put ’em up soon.

9 Responses to “Day of the Triffids”

  1. S. Weasel Says:

    Excellent. Something else that rhymes with ‘weasel.’

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    Like ‘measle’ and, uh… some other words.

    But what rhymes with ‘lizardbrain?’ Answer me that one! I might as well have called myself ‘orange.’

  3. lizardbrain Says:

    Hey, I just noticed: your little erudite-looking weasel-avatar is gone. Where’d he go?

  4. S. Weasel Says:

    I don’t know. I’m puzzled about that myself. I haven’t logged into my wordpress account in a while…but last time I tried that, I still got no weasel.

  5. S. Weasel Says:

    Heh. That worked. I tried to post so, and WordPress told me, “You’re posting too quickly. Slow down.”

    Odd error message. I suppose I’d better sit here for a moment before I hit “submit.”

    Hmm. Hmhmhmhm. Dum-de-dum. Hmm. Hmhm.

  6. lizardbrain Says:

    Weasels: too fast for the internet.

  7. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    Hmmm…. Lizardbrain… gizzard train?

    And if not orange, maybe just, W?

  8. lizardbrain Says:

    Blizzard rain… Wizard strain… yeah, I guess there are rhymes for lizardbrain, albeit none that describe me so well.

    W? I like it. Too bad it’s already taken.

  9. XOXO:-D Says:

    Be-yoo-ti-ful pix……glad I finally got ’round to looking at ’em. LOVE them triffids….I looked for them but never did get to see them in person. More, please.


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