A Day Of Remembrance

Instead of 30 May, we now observe it on the last Monday in May in order to get one more 3-day weekend into the calendar.

Some links to the history of Memorial Day here and here (caution signing their petition to restore the traditional date: the petition seems to be sponsored by some far-left group).

Thank you, all my fallen brothers and sisters. Whatever I do today, in the midst of family and friends and life, I will remember that I would not have any of it but for your sacrifice.


4 Responses to “A Day Of Remembrance”

  1. bronxblog Says:

    And thank YOU, too, for reminding us.

  2. bronxblog Says:

    And THANK YOU for YOUR sacrifices in serving our country.

  3. S. Weasel Says:

    My pilot on the flight home tonight was an Air Force vet. He gave us a little rambling speech about Memorial Day and friends who won’t be coming back (it was a flight from Heathrow, so it was a bit of a history lesson for Johnny Foreigner). The crew mentioned just before landing that it was also his birthday today, so I had an excuse to shake his hand and thank him on my way off the ramp.

  4. lizardbrain Says:

    You have the energy to write things to the interweb after a trans-atlantic flight? I’m impress.

    Welcome home, Stoaty.

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