Sod Off

One of the outstanding characteristics of the Bronx is noise. I had a nice visit, but I was really looking forward to getting back to Maine’s relative quiet.

No such luck. While I was away, a major construction project was started across the street from my house. According to a friend, the turf at Memorial Field (of the nice, growing, sod kind) is being replaced by Astroturf.

20070516_003a.jpgThe rape of Memorial Field

Intellectually, I understand that this move will save the city money (despite its $1.1 million price tag), and will allow greater use of the field. But I spent too many years producing the kind of lawns that kids love to run on barefoot, and that high school athletes have played on forever — and this field was one I helped maintain many years ago — not to feel like I’m being stabbed in the heart every time I look across the street.

This is what grass is supposed to look like:

20070516_004a.jpgMy baby

Technically, I’m retired, but I’ve fought dandelions, crabgrass, grubs and ants to produce this. My lizard brain just doesn’t understand why anyone would throw it away for a plastic carpet.

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  1. bronxblog Says:

    Condolences on your (& the neighborhood’s) loss…..(and UGH!). Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Excellent work!!!!!!!!

    XOXO :-D

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