St. Paulia Saga Sequel

I gotta learn some better literary devices than alliteration.

This is the African Violet (St. Paulia) that I posted about here:


Please note that in the first image, the entire plant covered less than half the surface area of the pot. It’s now big enough to force me to move back to get the whole plant into the picture. Any bigger and I won’t be able to use the macro lens.

I’ve taken to calling it “Monstro, the Mutant African Violet.” It was an 81st birthday gift to someone who threw it away after she thought she killed it, like all her other house plants. It’s going to be an 82nd birthday gift to her next week. And I didn’t even buy it for her the first time around.

Is that cheap? No way, man. I’m green! You wanna buy some carbon offsets?

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