I’ll Be Back…

I’m not really ignoring you. Well, I am; but not because I want to. I’ll be back eventually. In the meantime here’s something to hold you over.

Glorious, balmy April weather in Maine:


Stupid snow. Stupid brain chemistry.

3 Responses to “I’ll Be Back…”

  1. S. Weasel Says:

    I went out today ahead of the great gale that’s supposed to blow tonight. It was so mild and sunny. How confusing it must’ve been for our great-grandparents, when weather just happened, without any forewarning.

    Started out on the 8-mile loup and only managed four and a half. Meh. Needs work.

  2. XOXO:-D Says:

    Awww…poor crocus…..hope it didn’t CROAK! Hope the snow goes away soon….hope your brain’s feeling better sooner! Great shot!!!!!!

  3. S. Weasel Says:

    Loup? Geez. Loop.

    Brain: The Enemy In You Skull.

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