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St. Paulia Saga Sequel

29 April 2007

I gotta learn some better literary devices than alliteration.

This is the African Violet (St. Paulia) that I posted about here:


Please note that in the first image, the entire plant covered less than half the surface area of the pot. It’s now big enough to force me to move back to get the whole plant into the picture. Any bigger and I won’t be able to use the macro lens.

I’ve taken to calling it “Monstro, the Mutant African Violet.” It was an 81st birthday gift to someone who threw it away after she thought she killed it, like all her other house plants. It’s going to be an 82nd birthday gift to her next week. And I didn’t even buy it for her the first time around.

Is that cheap? No way, man. I’m green! You wanna buy some carbon offsets?

Yeah, I’m Still Alive

28 April 2007

I’m about a month behind in spring cleanup around the grounds because of the late snow. I had scheduled a much needed day off today while it rains, but the rain stopped. So here ya go. I couldn’t look at the stuff growing without hauling the camera outside and crawling around in the mud.

Daffodil; I forget which cultivar:




Same kind o’ daffodils:


I’ll Be Back…

13 April 2007

I’m not really ignoring you. Well, I am; but not because I want to. I’ll be back eventually. In the meantime here’s something to hold you over.

Glorious, balmy April weather in Maine:


Stupid snow. Stupid brain chemistry.

Aprill Shoures…

4 April 2007

…Maine style.

Back to the Falmouth Nature Preserve. Last time I took the Red Trail; this time I tried the Orange.


It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll skip the chatter and give you what you want.

Spring snow on hemlock:


Hemlock and salt marsh in spring snowstorm:


Old oak leaves, salt marsh, yadda yadda:


Spring snow on last year’s beech leaves:


The snow blower and shovel will be calling my name early tomorrow morning.

Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote…

But first the shoures have to melt.