Sepia Spring Scenic

Maine is known for its fall foliage. I kinda like the monochrome look of some other times of year. In November, after the maples and birches have had their fling, the oaks take over, giving us a palette of umbers, siennas and ochers.

In early spring (otherwise known as mud season) everything has a sort of sepia look, like an old photograph. Especially on a morning like we had today, when the sun struggles to break through the overcast. Even the white pines that make this the Pine Tree State seem subdued.

This is a stream through a salt marsh in Falmouth:


This was my first trip to the Falmouth Nature Preserve. I didn’t know it was there until yesterday. I should’ve worn my crampons; I spent too much time trying to keep from planting the camera lens-down on the ice, something that brings the shoot to a sudden and expensive end. I speak from experience.

This part of the trail wasn’t bad, because it was level:


The place is obviously a large dog run. I like to try to spot what animals have been in the area, but all I saw today was dog tracks. And dog poop. And that pretty much guarantees that there’s not gonna be much in the way of wildlife.

There are little spots of color, but you have to look for them. Like this checkerberry poking up through the snow:


An interesting place. I think I’ll be visiting it again.

3 Responses to “Sepia Spring Scenic”

  1. EelKat Says:

    Those are so lovely. I live near the Scarbough Salt Marsh, it looks a lot like that. Have you ever been there? I also like to visit Rachel Carson’s in Wells, they have a beautiful nature trail that goes through the woods and all the way around the marsh… lovely.


  2. lizardbrain Says:

    Thanx, EK.

    Scarboro Marsh? Doh! Last time I shot anything there was about 10 years ago. I completely forgot about the largest salt marsh in Maine. For some reason, when I think salt marsh I think of the one in Phippsburg. Thank you for reminding me.

    No, never been to the Rachel Carson NWR. Maybe it’s time. Thanks for that, too.

    Wow. 3 “thank yous” in a row. I got a lot of gratitude outta your comment.

  3. wharton70 Says:

    Congrats – Falmouth payed good dividends – have you been up to the Stroudwater Salt marshes?? Cape Cod would also be a good (longer) road trip. Keep up the good work.

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