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Spring Snow in Maine

25 March 2007

I learned a lesson from the shoot at Bug Light the other day. I’ve been shooting my images as TIFF format, just because I’m lazy. After I get ’em on the computer, I have to convert ’em to jpeg format, and then resize the ones I want to post here. The problem with that is that sometimes I’m stuck with an image whose exposure is not what I want; but at that point I can’t do anything about it.

Today’s shoot was strictly RAW format. It adds several (long) steps in processing, but the advantage is that I can adjust the exposure and white balance after I get home. My back likes that: hunched over the keyboard is a lot more comfortable than bent over the tripod. Plus I’m not gonna lose the light or the subject while I’m getting the perfect exposure.

Here are a couple of examples:


This is a tidal creek at the Fore River Sanctuary in Portland after last night’s snow. I think that’s a mallard in the middle, but I can’t identify it for sure.


Spring snow on some sort of pine. I didn’t stop to identify the species.

The RAW files take up an awful lot of room on the memory card. I may have to invest in another, but it might be worth it.

Oh and the GIMP roolz! Take that, Winblows! That’s one less program I need to keep that crappy so-called OS around for.