Lazarus, With Chlorophyll

After its near-death experience in a drafty, poorly-lighted window, I placed this African Violet between the 2 low-wattage lamps (one flourescent and one halogen) on my desk.

Picture #1, taken on the first of January:

Sick African Violet

Picture #2, taken today:


Both images were taken from approximately the same perspective. The only difference in care the plant received was the change in location, with its concomitant change in light and heat. Guess I can forget about growing plants on my window sills.

6 Responses to “Lazarus, With Chlorophyll”

  1. Kris, in New England Says:

    Wow, that’s impressive. Bringing an African Violet back from the brink isn’t easy! Of course, a “sunny windowsill” in the winter in New England is an oxymoron, right?

  2. bronxblog Says:

    Cool….. can I send you MY plants?

  3. lizardbrain Says:


    Compounded in my case by having nothing but Northern exposure. And no storms. Good thing I don’t pay for the heat.

  4. St. Paulia Saga Sequel « lizard brain Says:

    […] This is the African Violet (St. Paulia) that I posted about here: […]

  5. tinasphotoblog Says:

    Im impressed by your plant skills!

  6. lizardbrain Says:

    Thanx, tinasphotoblog. My plant skills amount to letting the plants grow the way God intended; I try to get out of the way and let them do what comes naturally.

    Some nice pix on your blog, btw.

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