The Young, Perky Post

S. Weasel has promised that if I use the word “boobies” in a post, I’ll get tons of search engine traffic. Why anyone would be searching the web for clumsy birds is beyond me, but I’ll do anything “barely legal” for traffic. It’s too bad my humor only appeals to those “under age” six, though; it would be nice to have some “adult” discussion here every now and then.

By the way, The Not Quite Daily Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer has moved into new digs (follow the link), and now the Weasel is lording it over the rest of us proles with his very own hoity-toity domain name.


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  1. bronxblog Says:

    Hey, if you think “boobies” will get you lotsa traffic, wait’ll you try “BEAVERS”!! Ah, wildlife. And hey, I like your humor!!!

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