Mallard Moon

Okay, I don’t have anything worth posting, but someone has been bugging me for more pictures. Well, picture this!

Male & female mallards feeding.

A pair of mallards feeding at the Fore River Sanctuary a few days ago.

3 Responses to “Mallard Moon”

  1. Kris, in New England Says:

    Good one! Great chuckle to start a very cold New England mornin’.

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    Cold indeed. And windy. In the field across the street from my house, there were little white tornadoes this morning. Like junior versions of the ones I’ve seen on Mount Washington at this time o’ year.

    Time to go look for those gloves you recommended.

  3. XOXO:-D Says:

    Thanx……it gave me a good laugh. Now get out there and shoot some more!!!! (and post that sunset photo)

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