Heading Out To Work

Fishing boat in sea smoke

Fishing boat moving through sea smoke at dawn this morning. That’s House Island in the background with Whitehead Passage at the right.

The Bank Sign (as it’s known locally) read -3. And that’s in Fahrenheit, not that pussy Euroweenie scale. My fingers got numb so fast, even on the first shot I couldn’t feel the shutter release button, but I kept going for forty-six shots over the course of an hour and a half. Man, did it hurt: my hands hurt, my toes hurt, my nose hurt. I loved it!

3 Responses to “Heading Out To Work”

  1. Kris, in New England Says:

    Gorgeous shot! You might want to consider getting photographer’s gloves – I’ve got them and they are magic when you live in New England. They are a woven microfiber with small silicon pads all over the palm and fingers. It got mine years ago from B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=search&Q=&b=213&mnp=0.0&mxp=0.0&cmpsrch=&cltp=&clsgr=&shs=gloves&ci=1&ac=&Submit.x=17&Submit.y=11

  2. lizardbrain Says:

    I have a pair of fingerless gloves, but they don’t cut it in extreme conditions. I used to get most of my film from B & H; but I haven’t dealt with them since I went digital.

    The Lowepro gloves look like they might be the ticket. If I can’t get ’em locally, I’ll order them from B & H. Thanx for the info.

  3. Kris, in New England Says:

    Lizard Brain: hope they work out for you. I love mine; makes all the difference in the cold that you seem to like…

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