Portland Head Light

Two days late. I’ve been having trouble getting the right image uploaded and recognized. That’s Ram Island Ledge Light in the background.

Portland Head Light

No snow. No ice. Is this really January in Maine?

[Edit at 070104/18:41 — corrected timestamp.]

7 Responses to “Portland Head Light”

  1. XOXOXO ME :-D Says:

    That’s a really good picture….have you ever taken any pix of Owl’s Head or Marshall Point Lights? Maybe you could do those this year….hehe.

  2. XOXOXO ME :-D Says:

    Hey…. am I posting on your BLOGGY thing?????

  3. XOXOXO ME :-D Says:

    Oh, crap.

  4. XOXOXO ME :-D Says:

    P.S. I think your clock is off by an hour……we ARE still in the same time zone, yes?

  5. lizardbrain Says:

    Oops. Thanx for calling that to my attention. I think it’s fixed now (I’ll find out after I hit the “submit comment” button).

  6. lizardbrain Says:

    Yep, it’s fixed. But now your comments are out of order, unless I can figure out how to change the time stamp on them, too.

  7. lizardbrain Says:

    Cool! I can edit your comments, including the time stamp. Don’t piss me off, or you’ll find yourself saying something you’ll wish you hadn’t.

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