The Religion of Feminism

From Darleen’s Place via MKH. A nice smackdown of some of the lies and hypocrisy coming from the defenders of the religion of intolerance.

Well, Ms. Yvonne, please list the Islamist countries where these Islamo-feminist women exist. Iran? Where they dangle sixteen year old girls by the neck for the crime of being a rape victim? Where “moral police” can accost and beat girls and women on the streets for showing a lock of hair or wearing fingernail polish?

Sweetheart, that’s your Sharia. Islamic law uncontaminated by evil Western rule of law. Own it. Own it all. Including your “laughing” in derision about Vida Samadzai while remaining silent about the death threats she has received from your “feminist” co-religionists.

Go read the whole thing.

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